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The globalised recruitment industry has forced the committed professionals to reshape,  
restructure and redraft their old & traditional career paper for reaching to their next level career goal. In our innovative journey in "Resume World", we focus on the career solutions; that enables professionals to search their next best job role in a more customized way. From the inception we have been focusing at adding professional value in the Job process and enriching the go global attitude of our clients in further tailored manner.
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Resume World (Key Player for Resume Writing Solutions in India); is a Cflex group of company having the corporate office in National Capital, New Delhi; since early 20th century has been addressing the space of Job search excellence for success intensive professional job seekers both in India as well as in International platform; while supplementing value to career journey of its clients.

We are one of the long standing Functional Resume Writers Company in the country-have poised to take a giant leap ahead with the well proven resume writing solutions to meet the growing need of the active job seekers in the global edge.




Now we are in Global Job Market and there are International Resume Trends to follow


Sincerely; this is decades of journey of a Resume; from a typical self declared career document to a highly country specific functional career branding tool. We are living in an edge where recruitment happens in virtual platform (merely in lading job portals) and your executive resume do it for you- starting from standing tall in crowd to holding the recruiters eye balls and convincing to shortlist you for the available vacancy.

Resume writing ground rules differs from Country to Country - There is a well saying- when you are in Rome- do what Romans do. Yes- we are connecting you to this logic with Resume Writing criteria when you are in a different country. It is essential to modify your resume to the country specific version, to be clicked appropriately.




Our Chief Resume Coach (An Introduction)


A team of industries highly professional Executive Resume Writers; headed by our global career expert; herewith linking you to your career vision by offering the next generation Resume Writing Services.

Our Chief Resume Coach - Mr. Rajesh Tripathy [Founder and Executive Key Resume Specialist-Resume World] is one among the few next generation HR professional of the country with wide spread industry exposure, directly associated with both national and international organizations for managing their sourcing strategies -while acting as a genuine knowledge contributor to the go-ahead employment industry. He is the one among the few professional resume builder in India to focus on Global upcoming hiring trend and International recruitment industry, while creating a dependable brand name among genuine jobseekers.

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